Mar 1 2020


 I have benefited greatly in terms of my happiness overall. I'm much happier than before thanks to therapy. That was a real guide for me in terms of how to overcome bad times but also appreciate more the good ones. I think I became much more appreciative and improved my communication with others around me.

Solene, London

Jan 2020

 I feel I now have the skills and strategies to deal with my mother's behaviour and to manage my emotions and remain calm.

I have made a 360 degree turn as no longer question myself. I have grown in my confidence, self - esteem and self-worth. I feel totally different, the guilt trip feelings are gone and I feel good about himself.

I am so grateful for Diahanna's expertise and support


 Jan 21 2020

At the time I started my counselling I had been crying daily, sobbing for 2 years and I could see no future.  It was affecting my health and my relationships.  Every day was a battle.

Very quickly I saw small changes, the crying stopped and slowly my energy increased. The sound of my own laugh startled me when it returned but it was great to have it back!  And I started to enjoy the small things from blue sky to walking my dogs and time spent with my husband.

And these small things grew; when we re-capped it was great to see how far I’d come but also to see what still needed work. 

I won’t say it was easy… I had ‘homework’ which often brought me to tears. I needed to reach down so deep inside but it brought everything out and we dealt with it together. I felt supported. Throughout the two years the pace was good; when I needed to slow or swerve slightly we did, and the healing has been incredible.

Today I have a different life… it wasn’t the life I’d planned or once hoped for but it is the life I have. It’s a life full of strength and hope and promise. It’s a life I’m enjoying.

Thank you Diahanna, for my fresh start


Nov 1 2019

"I can’t thank Diahanna enough for the support she provided during one of the hardest times of my life. After a year of working together now, I feel confident in myself, excited for the future and ready to face any challenges that might come up.

May 02 2019:

I have had various periods of counselling in the past but nothing compares to the work that I did with Diahanna and the Echo Society. I learnt the skills and information that has changed how I understand myself and the relationships I have with others. It is second nature to me now to assert myself, meet my own needs before others, to not get wrapped up in my own or other people’s emotional crises and to be able to say no. I am a much healthier and happier person as a result and I never knew or thought I could achieve it. My friends, family and colleagues have also, unprompted, commented on how much calmer and happier I seem. It’s amazing and I can’t thank Diahanna enough for her support. For the first time in my life, I am no longer controlled by overwhelming emotions and am making decisions that are right for me.


Oct 11 2017

It was with some trepidation that I began counselling again, having had various negative experiences throughout my childhood as a result of my Narcissistic Mother bundling me off see another counsellor labelling me as a problem child and the cause of all unhappiness within the family. I was worrying unnecessarily, the support and understanding that I received with my counsellor Diahanna through my 6 months of counselling at the Echo Society were second to none, I was not once made to feel silly, a burden and that my thoughts were unreasonable. For the first time in 30 years, I was working with someone who helped me to find confidence in my voice after always being taught by the family that should have loved me unconditionally that my thoughts and feelings didn't matter. Whilst I don't think anyone will ever 'get over' the horrific and invisible abuse that is experienced when you have a Narcissistic Parent. I have laid some good groundwork by working weekly with my counsellor into finding out who it is I want to be and where I want to go in life from here. I think it is vital that someone recovering from Narcissistic Abuse is supported by somebody who truly understands the disorder and the trauma those who have experienced it will have gone through. I will be forever grateful to the Echo Society for the support they have provided me and continue to provide for others like me, wherever they are in their 'recovery'. 



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