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I trained as a Psychotherapist/ Counsellor after my own traumatic life experiences as I wanted to help people to empower themselves and have a better quality of life. 


Due to my own experiences, it has enabled me to work with my clients with true empathy and understanding. Using my counselling skills, experience and knowledge to help support and enhance my clients.


Giving my clients a place where they can explore and bring to the table whatever they wish.


All types of abuse including Narcissistic Abuse are difficult, painful and traumatising experiences. I have the capacity to be there for my clients and work with them at their own pace.


 This is where I could be of help to you as I use a variation of therapies according to your needs.


The therapeutic approaches I use are Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Approach, Person-Centred Approach, Gestalt Approach.


I have many years experience of working with people from all different backgrounds, from adolescent to adult.

For example Victims of all kinds of abuse, Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Victim Syndrome, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Sexual Abuse, Assertive Training, Anger Management, Time Management, Negative Thoughts and Low Self-Esteem.




What happens during a counselling session?

It is a safe place, confidential, an environment where you can be open, be yourself, talk and explore whatever you want to. 

We offer Face to Face,

Skype or Telephone sessions.


My Dedicated Counselling Service helps you to explore and process any issue or situation with an outcome to resolve, gain or feel relief.

We also continue to support you on your journey to a better place with a vision and outcome of peace and happiness within yourself.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius


Date: June 2020

Clients name: VD

I started therapy as the perpetration of the narcissistic abuse continued to haunt me, beyond the separation from my ex-husband. During the therapy, I learned to figure out how my own thoughts and actions continued to engage with the abuse. I learned to identify and think about my own needs, stand up and affirm for myself, develop a sense of self-worth and set appropriate boundaries. I feel much calmer. I am able to sleep again and feel a balanced sense of self.

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